Movable pavement signs

Fast, effectively, strictly speaking – this is how pavement signs work. If you carry out a sale, or want your client to see your great offer, a pavement sign will draw the attention of everyone who is passing by it. We offer 3 different types of pavement signs. Design your announcement and let’s get to work.

Why is it worth it?

  • Well made from durable materials – made out of PVC and aluminum, you can use it in many promotional campaigns. 
  • Indoor and outdoor use – we offer pavement signs that will work both in warm, dry places and difficult weather conditions. Your design will stay alive and beautiful for a long time 
  • Fast and easy installation – you can put them up in just a few seconds. Forget the time-consuming preparations. 
  • Easy to transport – light and in regular shape. Without a problem you will fit it into your car and transport by hand.
  • Short realisation time – you need your pavement sign “for yesterday”, let’s do it.

We offer:

  • Movable pavement signs
  • Aluminum signs 
  • PVC signs

Where can you put the sign?

  • At fairs, during promotional, informational, and advertising campaigns
  • In front of a building, shop, pub, restaurant, bookstore 
  • In shopping centers, offices


Czas realizacji usługi ustalany jest indywidualnie. 

Cennik Potykacza OUTDOOR dwustronnego (ceny brutto)

RodzajFormat B2Format A1
Potykacz OUTDOOR dwustronny640,00 zł700,00 zł
  • koszt potykacza zawiera wydruk grafiki i konstrukcję

Cennik Potykacza ALU (ceny brutto)

RodzajFormat B2Format A1Format B1
Potykacz ALU dwustronny300,00 zł350,00 zł450,00 zł
  • koszt potykacza zawiera wydruk grafiki i konstrukcję

Cennik Potykacza PCV (ceny brutto)

RodzajFormat A1
Potykacz PCV dwustronny270,00 zł
  • koszt potykacza zawiera wydruk grafiki i konstrukcję

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