Tote bags with print

Design your own print for a tote bag and wear it proudly around town! Cotton bags in various colours – from eco to balck! Intensive print, vivid colours they will definitely focus all looks on themselves!

Why is it worth it?

  • Natural look and comfort – simply, second skin. Forget stiff, plastic prints, and welcome a breathable, comfortable design.
  • Modern DTG (Direct To Garment) digital print in a whole CMYK colouring – we use non-toxic water-based inks, using specialistic ink-jet printers, that directly transfer the ink into the fabric.
  • Precisely reflected details – even the smallest ones. We create an exact copy-paste of the design from a file, which allows us to save even the most precise details.
  • Intense colours with smooth tonal transitions and durability, which survives many washings. They will win a battle with time and a washing machine.
  • Quantity of just 1 psc., makes it perfect as a present or to “just try it out”, before ordering a large quantity.
  • Possibility to print without a background – “The client is King”. We print with and without a background in sizes A5, A4, A3 – let us know what you choose.


Czas realizacja zamówienia ustalany jest indywidualnie.

Wyceniamy indywidualnie

Ze wzglę­du na róż­no­rod­ność do­stęp­nych materiałów, for­ma­tów i kształtów wy­ce­nę przy­go­to­wu­je­my in­dy­wi­du­al­nie.

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