Identifiers print

Are training courses, fairs, conferences just around the corner? Take care of badges print with the option to personalise them in a quality that will survive even the most intensive use. Check out what we have prepared for you!

Why is it worth it?

  • Personalisation possibility – make the participants feel special and make the identification easier. Each badge can be personalised with a name, surname or QR code. One look at the badge and you know everything. 
  • Resistant to mechanical damages – you can break through the crowd, you can go into a mosh pit, get caught in something. Your badge will survive it all. We print on durable, high-quality materials, which are resistant to mechanical damages. Do not worry about breaking it!
  • Additional security – durable paper is not enough? We’ve got something extra! We can secure the badge with laminate or foil pocket – then even rain or spilled drinks will not be a threat. What do you say?
  • Many sizes to choose from – does the badge is supposed to be seen from afar or be discreet? Choose from the size table – you will for sure find a perfect one for you!
  • Preparation of your project starts at only 30 pln including vat – every event is a lot of work, so we can take some of it from your back. Order a project and print in one place and let us take care of it!


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