Vignettes print

Are you planning a party or a business meeting? Assign the seats for your guests with specially designed place cards in the style of your reception. You will avoid disorganisation and a place card will be a great decoration.

Aside from classical designs we realise projects with golden foil and white ink on dark papers.

Why is it worth it?

  • Wide range of papers to choose from – in our stencil you will find different paperweights, paper structures and colours. From white, off-white, eco to black paper! Choose the right one for you.
  • Low quantities print – you do not need hundreds of guests! We realise orders in low quantities, starting at 10 pieces.
  • Personalisation possibility – send us your guest list in Excel file, and we will print the place cards with their names.
  • White colour print – we’ve got something for fans of dark stationery! White ink print on dark papers.
  • Gilding possibility – do you like extraordinary solutions? Order place cards with gold foil.
  • Fast realisation – order now and you will get your ready place cards in 24h.


Czas realizacji zamówienia ustalany jest indywidualnie.

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