Laser engraving

Get to know laser engraving, it allows you to have durable, original, high-quality labelled objects. It is a durable alternative to classic stickers and printouts.

Why is it worth it?

  • Original way of personalisation – you think that classical stickers and printouts are passe? Engraving is a totally different thing. Remarkable and lasting customisation.
  • Perfect repetition of even the most complicated design – precision control, predictable outcome. Thanks to a strong laser we are able to make the design really precise on each piece.
  • Durability and resistance to damage – laser technology is one of the most durable marking techniques. Enjoy the high-quality without fear of abrasion and external factors.
  • Various materials – we engrave cork, plywood, rubber, laminate, and other surfaces. Here you can engrave any material – just tell us what you want.

What do we engrave?

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Information plates
  • ID badges
  • Prizes
  • Business card holders  

You want to engrave something else? Let us know.


Czas realizacji usługi ustalany jest indywidualnie. 

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