Imagine the whole world knowing about your company. How to achieve it? Your solution is advertising banners – durable, resistant to environmental conditions. When it rains and snows, when you are home asleep, they will still represent your company day and night. 

Choose one of 3 available materials, send us your design, and we will take care of producing your banners in a quality you would never even dream of.

Why is it worth it?

  • Allows you to reach a mass audience – perfect for mass transmission, creating the image of your company. You have a new product that you would like to share with people? Or maybe a sale, that nearly anyone would like to benefit from? Your new banner will allow you to show it to your potential client. 
  • 3 high-quality materials to choose from – we print one-sided on a frontlit and reflective materials and, double-sided on blockout material. As a result, each time the banners are perfectly readable, perfectly visible and perfectly effective. 
  • For indoor and outdoor use – our advertising banners can concur snow, rain and, any weather outdoor, however, they are likewise comfortable indoors. Do not hesitate to use them during a fair or any other event. 
  • Any format and size – feel free to order any size you want. We are not afraid to take a challenge and print from the smallest possible to the biggest size. 
  • Possibility to pressure weld and make an eyelet– secure the edges of your banner by pressure welding, thus will lengthen its durability and prevent tearing. Upon your request we will make an eyelet, so your banner will be ready to hang up. 
  • Solvent printing in colour – made to concur big format printing and extraordinary challenges like snow, rain and sun beams. Enjoy the rich and permanent colours in photographic quality for up to 1440 days!
  • Preparation of your project starts at only 30 pln including vat – do not take two trips, take care of everything at once, not only printing, but also making the design. At ready to print project starts at only 30 pln including vat.


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