Human stand 1:1

Human stands 1:1 are the perfect promotional and entertainment props. They can have any shape and print representing fairy tale heroes or specific people. Let your imagination work and enrich your stand, local, or amusement parks.

Maximum available size (without joinings) is 2,05 m x 3,05 m. 

Why is it worth it?

  • Possibility to cut out holes for faces, which will allow your guests to take a photo as a person from the stand. Increase your place’s attractiveness, by allowing your guests to become someone else for a moment.
  • High stability, thanks do a practical support, which you get with a stand. After folding it adheres to the back of the stand and when unfolded it stabilises the stand in a slightly leaned position. It prevents the human stand from falling because of wind or careless passers-by. 
  • Light 5-10 mm Stadur material – easy to transport, durable in everyday use! Thick, lightweight Stadur material, which makes the human stand easy to put up in any place. 
  • Any print and shape, according to the provided cut line – let your imagination work, by ordering a well-known character or by creating a completely new one. We create stands with any print (matt) and we cut a desired shape. The graphic is not foldable, which makes it look aesthetically pleasing, without distinguished cut lines, which would ruin the effect. 
  • For indoor and outdoor exposition – out stands are perfect for both warm, dry indoors and harder outdoor conditions. And there is nothing that will break them!
  • Safe packaging – in bubbles foil or foam, which makes the transport easy without the risk of damage. Do you want to pack your stand for transport? Give us a call and we will value it individually.


Czas realizacji zamówienia ustalany jest indywidualnie. 

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Wyceniamy indywidualnie

Ze wzglę­du na róż­no­rod­ność do­stęp­nych materiałów, for­ma­tów i kształtów
wy­ce­nę przy­go­to­wu­je­my in­dy­wi­du­al­nie.

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