Mega puzzles

Mega puzzles – mega fun! And not only for kids! Large-format puzzles with any graphic design are an effective company advertisement and an original attraction, which will automatically get people’s attention during a party.

Why is it worth it?

  • Lightweight and durable – mega puzzles are made out of 3 mm PVC material, which makes them durable, resistant to stepping on and at the same time lightweight and easy to put together. Good time guaranteed.
  • Direct UV print – technology that works perfectly on both small and big formats. Even small elements in irregular shapes, like puzzles will be perfectly covered in ink. UV print guarantees perfect graphic mapping, and the colours will be bright and resistant to weather conditions: rain, snow, sunlight. Use the new technology for your business.
  • Any print – company’s party, birthday party for kids? With us you will print puzzles for every occasion! Choose any design: company’s logo, funny picture, birthday boy/girl face, we will take care of everything else.
  • Any size – minimal size of one element is 2,5×2,5 cm, and a maximal is 2×3 m. This makes it easy to choose a size according to the difficulty of the puzzle, or participants age.
  • Possibility of gluing on a magnet, which makes the mega puzzles possible to stick on a fridge or a board. Even more opportunities of creative fun.


  • Parties, events,
  • Shopping centres,
  • Festivals, fairs,
  • Both for kids and adults.


Czas realizacji usługi ustalany jest indywidualnie.

Wyceniamy indywidualnie

Ze wzglę­du na róż­no­rod­ność do­stęp­nych materiałów, for­ma­tów i kształtów
wy­ce­nę przy­go­to­wu­je­my in­dy­wi­du­al­nie.

Zamów tak jak lubisz

Możesz odwiedzić nas osobiście, zadzwonić lub po prostu napisać.

Elementy wycinane po obrysie

ico-wycinane po obrysie

Litery, logotypy i inne kształty

Litery, logotypy i inne dowolne kształty z dowolnym nadrukiem.

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ico-wycinane po obrysie

Monidła, postacie 1:1

Stojące jednostronne standy z dowolnym nadrukiem i w dowolnym kształcie.

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ico-wycinane po obrysie

Mega puzzle

Puzzle wielkoformatowe z dowolną grafiką,
w każdym rozmiarze.

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