Masks with print

“Masked” times to not have to be boring! With a hidden smile wear cotton, multi-use masks with your favourite print. Use ready patterns or create your own unique mask project.

Why is it worth it?

  • 100% cotton, to take care of your comfort and pleasure of your everyday use. The material is soft and tactile, so even people with delicate skin can wear our masks – without risk of abrasions and irritations. 
  • 2 layers of 150 g/m2 material – worn out, pilled, clinging after a couple washes? If that is the picture of multi-use masks, then you did not buy it with us. Time to change that and enjoy the unchangeable look of your mask for a long time. 
  • Any print design – revive your mask with an interesting design! Choose one of the ready designs or send us your project. We will use a thermo transfer method to print the design on the side of the mask, maximum size is 5×5 cm on each side. 
  • Colours: white and black – because this is the classic that does not go out of style. 
  • Comfortable pattern – profiled chin prevents the material from slipping, keeping the mask in one place. Thanks to the elastic finish the mask adheres well, and ear holders do not need adjusting. Just put it on and wear it. That’s easy!
  • Reusable – buy it once and wear multiple times! Take care of the environment and your wallet, by choosing a reusable mask. After wearing instead of throwing out, throw it into the washing machine.

Available from just 1 piece! Which mask will you order today? 


Czas realizacja usługi ustalany jest indywidualnie.

Wyceniamy indywidualnie

Ze wzglę­du na róż­no­rod­ność do­stęp­nych materiałów, for­ma­tów i kształtów wy­ce­nę przy­go­to­wu­je­my in­dy­wi­du­al­nie.

Zamów tak jak lubisz

Możesz odwiedzić nas osobiście, zadzwonić lub po prostu napisać.